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  1. Vicky

    I had the pleasure of being assigned with Sadhna Wilson as my Thermomix representative. Sadhna has since been very professional and supportive in my journey as a Thermomix newby. She is helpful and responsive with all my queries. Sadhna has a great knowledge with a wide variety of foods/recipes and great tips and tricks in the kitchen (even non-Thermomix related). Most importantly, she is kind, friendly and most welcoming.

    Since purchasing my Thermomix TM6 I have been obsessed with it. I will admit that it took me a few years to understand the hype surrounding this great piece of equipment. I just could not understand why I needed one. I have never really been a kitchen appliance or kitchen gadget person, a simple set of pots and an oven/stove was all I needed. However, this simplicity did also flow in my cooking repertoire, same old rotating menu. I have a passion for cookbooks but never end up cooking any because I lack the focus/attention of following a recipe and before I know it I’m distracted and find myself on the other side of the house doing other things. So unfortunately I was not that daring in the kitchen, after being so overwhelmed with the process of following a recipe.

    The Thermomix with the built in recipe App ‘Cookidoo’ (which syncs with a mobile phone APP) has opened up my world of flavours and my family are so excited. I can choose any recipe and simply create a shopping list, set the recipe on the date I want to cook it and away I go! I can never get distracted for long because the Thermomix sounds a bell when it has finished a step (it will not stop until you tend to it). I don’t even bother getting all the ingredients out before cooking, I just let my Thermomix tell me what to do as we go. Cookidoo is just one great aspect of the Thermomix, you do not need to follow any recipe you can just use it manually to suit your own favourite recipes. I just feel so adventurous with new recipes and find it a real joy to be in the kitchen these days, nothing seems too hard or a bother to try. My family have come on board and are loving it, we even fight over who is going to add the ingredients and press the buttons. This has really engaged the family in the kitchen. I am even surprised, I have found recipes in Cookidoo that I would pay for at a restaurant. There is so much fun to be had with this machine that I am reluctant to go out on weekends, I’d rather pottering around at home and play with my Thermomix! I could just go on and on about this great appliance.

    Regards Vicky☺

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